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Huge inventory of BRC wire mesh ready for delivery

BRC wire mesh is a steel reinforcement material that can be manufactured in squares, rectangles, or in other desired designs and sizes. They are commonly used in construction purposes such as reinforced concrete structures, foundations and infrastructures.

concertina wire on fence

Concertina wires are made with materials such as galvanised and stainless steel blades. Compared to barbed wires, they offer a more compact and rational structure which increases safety and protection.

cheap anti-climb fence in singapore

Anti-Climb Fence

Anti climb fence is a security measure used in places that have high security requirements such as airports, factories, and prisons. They are designed to not only prevent escape or trespass attempts, but also stands up well to destruction.

3D fence supplier in Singapore

3D Fence

3D fence is suitable for a variety of spaces ranging from factories to residential areas. The specially designed spatial curvature provides great rigidity and strength, making this type of fence a cost-effective and high quality fencing solution.

BRC fence used to protect private property and playgrounds in Singapore

BRC Fence

BRC fences are one of the strongest and most durable fencing solutions today. The rolled mesh panels offer superior rigidity and maintains their shape well. In addition to being rust and corrosion resistant, BRC fences require minimal maintanence.

Cheap chain link fence supplier in Singapore

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is a durable and corrosion resistant security fencing option for both public and private spaces such as pools and railways. In addition to common and wrap edges, these type of fences are available in different guage sizes as well.

Why us?

Massive Inventory

We are able to provide you with the most suitable building and construction solutions no matter what your requirements are. Due to our huge and ready inventory, we will be able to fulfil your orders immediately with no lead time.

Certified Experience

We are certified by governing bodies in many parts of the world including United Kingdom, Singapore and other Asian countries. Rest assured that we will always provide the highest level of service and product quality.

Competitive Pricing

At Southeast Asia Corporation, we are committed to providing customers with the most cost-efficient and high quality building and construction solutions. Our prices are among one of the most competitive in the market.

Quality Guaranteed

As quality control is one of our top priorities, we focus heavily on the quality, durability and usability of all our products. Each item is carefully inspected before being delivered to you.

20 Years Experience

Southeast Asia Corporation has more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Over the years, we have grown to be one of the most trusted building and construction material suppliers.

Great Support

Our committment to your satisfaction does not end at the sale. Our experienced team of experts will always provide you with excellent aftersales service and assistance.

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