3D Fence

The 3D fence is a wire mesh fencing solution that is a suitable security option for a variety of spaces ranging from factories to residential areas.

It is specially designed to have a spatial curvature along its panel plane. The result is a fence that has V-shaped bends that provide additional rigidity and stability, making it a cost-effective and high-quality security installation choice.

The bends allow for minimal changes to be made to the overall structure, while increasing the strength and durability of the fence. Thus, it boasts a sturdy structure that is not only secure, but has an added bonus of being aesthetically pleasing as well.

Manufacturing the 3D fences with high-quality and galvanizsed material renders them weather-resistant and anti-rust. As they can be utilised in many different areas, 3D fences can be produced with different heights to meet your specifications.

3D Fence Image Gallery