Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are a great and durable security fencing option for both public and private spaces in Singapore. They are one of the lowest cost choices of barriers for pools, railways and expressways due to the great visibility they provide.

The chain link fence mesh is a weave of galvanised wires shaped into spirals of diamond patterns, which are available in different sizes, gauges, and selvages. The wires gain enhanced strength and superior corrosion resistance after being galvanised.

The diameter of each individual galvanised wire is referred to as the gauge, with higher gauge numbers indicating thinner wires. Thus, residential and commercial spaces typically utilise a higher gauge fence in contrast to high-security installations.

The top and bottom of the fence is known as the selvage, with two main types:

  • Common: barbed and sharp with exposed edges that is more suitable for high-security installations
  • Wrap edge: round and safer for residential and commercial uses

The most common security chain link fencing solutions is the 6-foot option, although they are available in different heights according to needs and specifications.

Besides being a chain link fence supplier in Singapore, we also offer affordable installation services. Fence rolls and parts are also sold separately for DIY purposes.

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