Concertina Wire

The concertina wire is an improved and more expensive design inspired by barbed wire obstacles.

Barbed wires are typically fencing wires, manufactured with sharp edges that have uniform spacing from each other. They are usually the more budget-friendly option for security installations.

The concertina wire, however, takes coiled razor wire and wounds it in spirals. They are made with materials such as galvanised and stainless steel blades, boasting a more compact and rational structure that offers increased safety and protection.

These wires have a higher intimidation and difficulty factor with a greater potential for causing severe injuries. As a result, they are heavily utilised for installations that require heavy deterrence such as:

  • Military bases
  • Prisons
  • Power plants
  • Other key projects

Due to their higher quality and strength (thanks to the manufacturing process), concertina wires cost more than barbed wires. However, they are worth the increase in price due to the sharp razor blade design and the wire’s high tensile nature.

Concertina Wire Image Gallery