Gabion, meaning big cage, is a wire mesh basket or cage made with galvanised steel. It is filled with materials such as:

  • Stone
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Sand
  • Soil

Multiple baskets or cages can be stacked together in different manners for a variety of purposes.

It is widely used in construction projects such as landscaping, civil engineering and road building as tools to prevent erosion or flooding. They are durable and efficient tools for creating or maintaining slope stability.

When stacked together, a gabion wall is designed to be a reliable and powerful barrier that is multi-functional. For example, gabions can be deployed as aesthetic walls or fences, while still serving a practical function such as soil erosion control.

Some of the advantages in using gabions are cost effectiveness and stability.

For example, it has automatic drainage thanks to the use of fill material and its wire mesh design. Furthermore, its structural design brings about increased durability which allows for vegetation growth and enhanced binding of fill materials.

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